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About us

The new Location Marketing Act (“Standortförderungsgesetz”) adopted by parliament during its October session created three new business units for promoting Liechtenstein as a tourism destination and place to do business.

The location marketing activities focus on sustainable economic and tourism development, taking corresponding account of Liechtenstein’s natural resources and social and cultural environment. Location marketing aims to market, promote and develop the Principality of Liechtenstein as an internationally-recognised place to do business and as an attractive tourism destination.

In order to achieve these objectives as efficiently as possible, three strategic business units have been created. These have been brought together under the umbrella of the “Liechtenstein Marketing” Establishment.

First unit: Business in Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein Marketing is responsible for positioning Liechtenstein abroad as a place to do business. Its remit also includes creating a uniform brand image for this business centre, as well as realising events and media work. The current economic environment makes it more important than ever before to promote and raise the profile of Liechtenstein as a centre of business, encouraging attractive start-ups, high-tech companies and enterprises which generate considerable added value to relocate to the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Second unit: Tourism
The most important tourism promotion tasks include market and trend research, marketing and product development, information for guests as well as advertising, sales promotion and Liechtenstein destination sales. Tourism accounts for around 4 per cent of GDP, and restaurants, hotels and associated suppliers safeguard over 1000 jobs.

Third unit: Liechtenstein Major Events

The principal task of the new Major Events unit is to manage major events in Liechtenstein and aboard. Following the recent success of various major events abroad, such as the Expo in Shanghai or the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, Liechtenstein will certainly continue to participate in major events in future. At the same time, however, domestic events such as for example the Games of the Small States of Europe or the LIHGA are to be supported by Liechtenstein Marketing. This means the corresponding organisation needs building up.

In broader terms, Liechtenstein Marketing aims to heighten and reinforce the positive profile of the Principality of Liechtenstein within the region and beyond.