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Two Light Prisms by Heinz Mack

These two triangular stelae are made of a special steamed glass which alters its appearance in a variety of ways according to the changing lighting conditions and the location of the observer.

The glass sculptures reflect the entire area, creating changes and refractions. The stelae document a new, other reality at a central point in Vaduz. "They are the dreams that one dreams when light sleeps with material." (Heinz Mack)

Heinz Mack, 1931, Lollar, Hesse, Germany 

The central artistic themes of Heinz Mack, who along with Otto Piene founded the ZERO-Gruppe in Düsseldorf in 1958, are light, movement, structures, space and time. The sculptures and portraits of his large, spectral body of work represent the media through which this is done. In 1953, the artist completed his studies at the Staatliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, followed in 1956 by completion of his studies of philosophy at the University of Cologne. From 1964 to 1966, he lived and worked in New York. From 1967, his studio and residence have been located at the Huppertzhof in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and in 1989 he opened a second studio in Ibiza.

For more information about the artist visit www.mack-kunst.com.


2002 (8m and 10m)
Location: Kirchstrasse
Propery of the Dr Ludwig Marxer Family Foundation, Vaduz
Gemeinde Vaduz
Städtle 6
9490 Vaduz
Tel. +423 237 78 78