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    Lama and alpaca trekking
  • Lama Trekking
  • Lama Trekking
  • Lama Trekking
  • Lama Trekking
  • Lama Trekking
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Lama and alpaca trekking

There are few things more relaxing than hiking with lamas and alpacas. Children love discovering the countryside with these friendly animals - and quickly forget how long they have been walking!

The treks are a great way to discover more about these fascinating animals as you make your way through the mountains. Lamas can also carry supplies for tours lasting longer than half a day.

Special deals available for groups, clubs and school classes. Call for more details.

Prices Up to 16 years
Over 16 years Families
Taster trek
(approx. 2 h, of which aprox. 1.5 h hiking)
10.- 30.- 50.-
Half-day trek
(approx. 4 h, of which approx. 3 h hiking)
30.- 45.- 100.-
Day trek
(approx. 6 h, of which approx. 4 h hiking)
60.- 75.- 150.-
Multiple-day treks Enquire Enquire Enquire
Groups, clubs, school classes
(at least 10 persons)
Enquire Enquire Enquire

All prices are in Swiss francs. The family price covers parents and children.


Special offer - two-day trek

This guided two-day trek is a special experience that will leave behind unforgettable memories. Starting in the early afternoon from the lamas' and alpacas' home at the Triesenberger Heimathof, the group heads uphill along quiet paths to Alpe Sücka, stopping for a drink and a snack along the way. From Sücka the path then leads downhill, with trekkers having the option of stopping off at the nearby cheesemakers before they reach the hut, where dinner is served in the evening. After a hearty breakfast the trek continues the next day through the Valorschtal Valley to Malbun.

Included in the trekking package are:

  • an introduction to alpaca and lama trekking with a trained guide,
  • a guided two-day tour with snacks and evening meal on the first day (evening meal does not include drinks),
  • dormitory-style overnight accommodation in the Berggasthaus Sücka mountain hut (rooms available for a surcharge of 15.- Swiss francs),
  • breakfast and packed lunch on second day,
  • on request, transport of items purchased at Alpe Sücka to the end of the trek in Malbun.


Please enquire

Children (up to 16 years): 200.- Swiss francs
Adults: 300.- Swiss francs

Minumum number of participants
6 persons
Lama- & Alpakahof Triesenberg
Chalberrütistrasse 70
9497 Triesenberg
Tel. +41 (0)78 767 29 85