• Schaan Forest Trail
    The forest assault course in Schaan
  • Wals Fable Trail
    The Wals Fable Trail in Triesenberg
  • Gänglesee lake in Steg
    Having a barbeque at Stegersee lake
  • Children in Malbun
    Lisa and Max's Fairytale Trail in Malbun
  • Schaan Forest Trail
    The forest assault course in Schaan
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Family-friendly themed hikes

From the mythical Wals Fable Trail to the interesting Reading Trail, Liechtenstein's family-friendly hiking paths are a fascinating experience for children and adults alike.

WalserSagenWeg Legends trail

The Wals Fable Trail

Legends and stories accompany hikers on the trail through a fascinating cultural landscape with panoramic views of the Rhine Valley and the surrounding mountains. more

Eschnerberg trail

Historical Eschnerberg Trail

The Historical Eschnerberg Trail between Bendern and Schellenberg lets visitors discover the ancient origins of Liechtenstein and leads up to the pre-historic settlements of Lutzengütle and Malanser. more

Bee Trail Vaduz

Vaduz Bee Trail

The Vaduz Bee Trail is located near the outdoor tennis courts in Vaduz and is maintained by the Beekeepers Society of Liechtenstein. more

Forscherweg in Malbun

For children: The explorer path in Malbun

On the cozy Sassweg in Malbun children can explore 10 interesting research stations. more

Gutenberg Castle in Balzers

Balzers Reading Trail

Explore Balzers on foot and delve into stories about the treasure at Murder Fortress and the fearsome Dragon of Mäls. more

Planet Trail

Planet Trail

On the Planet Trail the distances in our solar system are mapped on a scale of 1:1 billion, with all of the planets re-created as scale models. more

Siberian iris

Ruggeller Riet Circular Hike

Together with the Bangser Riet in neighbouring Vorarlberg (Austria), the Ruggeller Riet forms a large area of peat bogs. In May the blossom of the Siberian iris covers the region in a carpet of blue. more

A fun way of discovering the forest

Schaan Forest Trail

This fun adventure trail in Dux, Schaan, is a must for families with children who want to find out more about the forest. more


Schaanwald Nature Trail

In 1971 the municipality of Mauren transformed the Salamander Trail above the pond in Schaanwald into the Schaanwald Nature Trail. more

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