• The restored Ruggeller Riet
    The Ruggeller Riet nature reserve
  • Three Sisters Hike
    The 'Drei Schwestern' ('Three Sisters')
  • Fishing Steg
    Stegersee lake
  • Eagle Hike Malbun
    The Eagle Adventure Hike
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Adventures in nature

Water, forest, mountains and magnificent reedlands on the valley floor - Liechtenstein is a treasure trove full of natural wonders.

Ibex at Naafkopf mountain

Fauna in Liechtenstein

Despite having a surface area of only 160km², Liechtenstein is home to an extraordinary variety of animals, birds and insects. more

The restored Ruggeller Riet

Flora in Liechtenstein

It is largely thanks to Liechtenstein's rich and varied flora that so many different species of animal continue to find the habitats they need to flourish. more

Eschnerberg trail

Historical Eschnerberg Trail

The Historical Eschnerberg Trail between Bendern and Schellenberg lets visitors discover the ancient origins of Liechtenstein and leads up to the pre-historic settlements of Lutzengütle and Malanser. more

The Ruggeller Riet nature reserve

Nature reserves in Liechtenstein

Protected nature reserves cover an area of 171 hectares in the valleys of Liechtenstein. more

The Princes' Way at daybreak

Princes' Way Hike

The Princes' Way ("Fürstensteig") is one of the most famous paths in the Rätikon mountain range and is a classic mountain hike in Liechtenstein. A first-class tour full of extremes and surprises awaits you. more

Flugshow Falknerei Galina

Galina Falconry Centre in Malbun

The birds of prey show put on by Galina Falconry Centre is an unforgettable experience in the heart of the mountains. more

Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre

Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre

The Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Centre in Gamprin is Liechtenstein's newest swimming and leisure facility and covers a total area of 4.5 hectares. more

Falconry Galina Malbun

Hawk Adventure Hike

At the Galina Falconry Centre in Malbun visitors have a unique opportunity to be a falconer for the day and to explore the…

Basis price 1 person CHF 150.-
every additional person CHF 50.- more

The Eagle Adventure Hike by the Galina Falconry

Eagle Adventure Hike

Discover Liechtenstein on the wings of an eagle. The Galina Falconry Centre in Malbun offers visitors a unique hands-on…

Basis price 1 person CHF 150.-
every additional person CHF 50.- more

Birdparadise Birka

Birka Bird Paradise

The region of Birka was acquired by the municipality of Mauren in 1971 and entrusted to the Ornithological Association of Mauren. more

The Sareis mountain restaurant

Sun terrace at Sareis mountain restaurant

High above the Malbuntal Valley, at 2000m altitude, visitos can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain landscape from the large terrace of the Sareis mountain restaurant. more

Lama and alpaca trekking

Lama and alpaca trekking

There are few things more relaxing than hiking with lamas and alpacas. Children love discovering the countryside with these…

Preis pro Person.
Ab CHF 30.- more

The high-rope adventure park in Forst, near Triesen

Forst high-rope adventure park

The high-rope adventure park in Forst near Triesen offers an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike. more

The Sareis chairlift

The Sareis chairlift in Malbun

The Sareis chairlift in the wintersports paradise of Malbun whisks visitors up to 2000 metres above sea level, where they can enjoy magnificent panoramic views from the terrace of the nearby… more

Nature Photography – Excursions at the Alpenrhein

Excursions in terms of nature photography attract people who like to be outside and are eagerly interested in getting to…

4 to 10 hour excursion.
from CHF 150.- more

Ruggeller Riet Nature Reserve

The restored Ruggeller Riet

The Ruggeler Riet Nature Reserve is a haven of peace and tranquility on the valley floor. more

Schönberg above Malbun

Liechtenstein's Alpine flora

Hikers visiting Liechtenstein in summer can look forward to beautiful flowers in a stunning natural landscape. more

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