• Liechtenstein National Museum
    The Liechtenstein National Museum
  • Museum of fine arts Vaduz
    The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Schädler Pottery in Nendeln
    Schädler Pottery in Nendeln
  • Citytrain Vaduz
    A tour through Vaduz on the Citytrain
  • Castle Vaduz
    Vaduz Castle
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Liechtenstein may be small in size, but it is big when it comes to sights and places of interest. Here in the heart of the Alps there really is something for everyone.

A tour of Vaduz on the Citytrain

Experience Vaduz with the Citytrain

For all those visitors to Liechtenstein who want to see more than just the core of Vaduz in half an hour, our city tour…

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CHF 8.- per person more

Replica of the ducal coronet

Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liech...

The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Vaduz, the only museum of its kind in the Alps, focues primarily on exhibits belonging to the Princes of Liechtenstein and other private collectors. more

A black cube in the centre of Vaduz

Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts

The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts is a state-run museum showcasing modern and contemporary works of art. more

The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery

The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery

Wine enthusiasts should definitely pay a visit to the Prince of Liechtenstein Winery, where visitors can walk through the vineyards and sample the excellent wines. more

Hilti Art Foundation

The Hilti Art Foundation Collection

Launched one and a half decades ago, the successful cooperation between the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts and the Hilti Art Foundation, one of Liechtenstein’s most important private… more

Liechtenstein National Museum

Liechtenstein National Museum

Dating back to 1438, the building which today houses the Liechtenstein National Museum has a long and varied history. more

The government building

The government district in Vaduz

The government district dominates the eastern side of the Peter-Kaiser-Platz sqaure in Vaduz. more

Peter-Kaiser Platz square with the parliament

The parliament building in Vaduz

The parliament lies at the heart of the Peter-Kaiser-Platz square, just a stone's throw from the government building. more

The Red House in Vaduz

The Red House in Vaduz

The Red House, a gabled stairs structure with a large tower containing living quarters, is located in the Mitteldorf area of Vaduz. more

The Walser Museum in Triesenberg

The Walser Museum in Triesenberg

Originally called the "Heimatmuseum", the Walser Museum was created in 1961 by the parish priest of Triesenberg at the time, Engelbert Bucher. more

Walsermuseum Triesenberg

On the trail of the Walser spirit

Triesenberg is a traditional mountain village in Liechtenstein. With roots as a Walser settlement in the 13th 14th century, the municipality continues to honour its venerable history. But where… more

Old devices used for calculating

The Calculator and Typewriter Museum in Schaan

The 250 exhibits in this museum in Schaan provide children and adults alike with an insight into the history of calculators and typewriters. more

Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle lies on a hillside 120 metres above Vaduz. It is the symbol of the capital and can be seen from far away. more

The traditional farm museum in Schellenberg

Traditional farmhouse museum in Schellenberg

Located in a farmhouse dating back almost 500 years, this museum in Schellenberg is owned and run by the Liechtenstein National Museum. more

The Pfrundhaus in Eschen

The Pfrundhaus in Eschen

The Pfrundhaus next to the church in Eschen is one of the municipality's most recognisable landmarks. more

The Küefer Martis Huus in Ruggell

The Küefer Martis Huus

The Küfer Martis Huus is a place of cultural interaction and home to a museum based on the theme of water and, in particular, the Rhine. more

The DoMuS museum in Schaan

DoMuS museum and gallery

Housed in Schaan town hall, DoMuS is a cultural centre comprising a gallery, a museum and a meeting room. more

Museum Mauren

MuseumMura - Cutural artefacts collection

With over 10'000 exhibits, Mauren is home to Liechtenstein's largest collection of cultural artefacts documenting life and customs in the principality in days gone by. more

Go kart-track Nendeln

Nendeln Go-Kart Track

The 150m indoor go-kart track in Nendeln offers plenty of fun and racing action for up to six go-karts at a time. Each kart is powered by two electric motors, with the rear wheels powered and… more

Parish Church

Parish Church „Cathedral“ St. Florin

Although the first documentary evidence was recorded in a rental-roll of the chapter of the Cathedral in Chur around 1375, it may be assumed that the initial stages of the Chapel of St. Florin… more

The Postage Stamp Museum

The Postage Stamp Museum

The Postage Stamp Museum tells the history of Liechtenstein's postal service over the years and displays a large number of postage stamps past and present. more

The castle ruins in Schellenberg

The castle ruins in Schellenberg

Visitors to Schellenberg will find two sets of castle ruins, with the "Obere Burg" ("Upper Castle") in particular very popular and easy to reach on foot. more

Old bridge over the Rhine in Vaduz

Old bridge over the Rhine in Vaduz

The "Alte Rheinbrücke" is a covered wooden bridge linking the municipalities of Vaduz and Sevelen. more

The English Building Art Space in Vaduz

Kunstraum Engländerbau

The English Building Art Space is located on the second floor of the Engländerbau in the centre of Vaduz. more


The Gasometer in Triesen

Located on the main road leading towards the oldest part of the village, the Gasometer is the main cultural hub in Triesen. more

Museum Lawena

The Lawena Museum – the history of electricity

Liechtenstein Power Stations operate a museum of electricity in Triesen. more

A potter at work

The Schädler Pottery in Nendeln

The Schädler Pottery in the Nendeln area of Eschen is the oldest arts and crafts workshop in Liechtenstein. more

Realino Vaduz

Realino Tours

Take a seat and let yourself and two others be chauffeured through Vaduz all the way up to the castle, through the Balzers valley to Ruggell or even over the border into neighboring Switzerland. more

Castle Gutenberg

Gutenberg Castle in Balzers

Perched on a hillside in the country's southernmost municipality, Balzers, Gutenberg Castle was built in the High Middle Ages. more

The church hill in Bendern

The church hill in Bendern

Historically, the "Schwurplatz" ("Oath Square") at the top of the hill leading up to the church in Bendern symbolises the creation of what we today know as the Principality of Liechtenstein. more

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