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The Hilti Art Foundation Collection

Launched one and a half decades ago, the successful cooperation between the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts and the Hilti Art Foundation, one of Liechtenstein’s most important private art collections, is set to be intensified and expanded. The Hilti Art Foundation building located directly next to the Museum of Fine Arts opened its doors.

The building, which is accessible via the foyer of the Museum of Fine Arts, takes visitors on a journey through the last 130 years of art history, from classical modernist masterpieces to the latest trends in contemporary art.

This exhibition space was designed by Basel architects Morger + Dettli and comprises three rooms on three floors with a total area of around 430m². Thanks to this clear division of space it will be possible to show several different exhibitions at the same time. The idea is to have a selection of classical modernist works permanently on show, with a changing programme of post-1950 artworks and special exhibitions curated by the Hilti Art Foundation.

Furthermore, the building also contains a spacious atelier which the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts will use to teach guests of all ages about art using the latest innovative techniques.

“Painting and Sculpture – From Classical Modernism to the Modern Day” – Hilti Art Foundation opening exhibition

The exhibition “Painting and Sculpture – From Classical Modernism to the Modern Day” opened in the new Hilti Art Foundation building. Designed and created by Uwe Wieczorek, the curator of the Hilti Art Foundation, it brings together 50 paintings and sculptures belonging to the Hilti Art Foundation Collection. Among the works on display are important pieces by artists including Gauguin, Seurat, Lehmbruck, Boccioni, Picasso, Leger, Kirchner, Marc, Magritte, Klee, Beckmann, Hodler, Giacometti, Dubuffet, Wols, Albers, Fontana, Manzoni, Schoonhoven, Uecker, Fruhtrunk and Knoebel.

The exhibition is divided into three sections spread across three floors, with each floor dedicated to a specific topic and period. The basement will focus on “humans as individuals” and show primarily works from around 1910 to 1970 by including Wilhelm Lehmbruck and Willem de Kooning. This concept of human beings and their individual nature is one of the major concepts in the Hilti Foundation Art Collection as a whole.

On the first floor visitors will find a range of classical modernist paintings and sculptures dating from around 1880 until 1945 by artists including Georges Seurat and Wols. There will be a particular focus on the expressionism, cubism and surrealism movements.

Finally, the second floor of the building will be dedicated to the period from 1945 until the modern day. Artists showcased here include Josef Albers and Imi Knoebel. Representing the huge diversity of art produced since the Second World War, this exhibition will remain on display until 9 October 2016.


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