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Exploring the north of Liechtenstein

The "Unterland" in the north of Liechtenstein is the smaller of the country's two regions. It comprises five municipalities - Eschen-Nendeln, Mauren-Schaanwald, Gamprin-Bendern, Ruggell and Schellenberg - centered around the lush green slopes of Eschnerberg mountain.

Accommodation in the Unterland

In the Liechtensteiner Unterland you have the choice between cozy hotels and little pensions. more

Grossabünt Outdoor Leisure Center

Places of interest in the Unterland

The Unterland region of Liechtenstein in the north of the principality has a large number of sights well worth visiting, more

Traditional farmhouse museum in Schellenberg

Culture in the Unterland

As well as modern sporting facilities and beautiful scenery, the Unterland has a rich cultural heritage. Visit a local museum, check out one of the many events going on, or ex  more

The restored Ruggeller Riet

Sports and leisure activities in the Unterland

Experience the natural beauty of the Unterland region by hiking, biking or simply relaxing at the outdoor leisure centres in Grossabünt and Weiherring. more

Harry Zech Vineyard CANTINA

Vineyards in the Unterland

Rows and rows of vines cover the gentle foothills of Eschnerberg mountain, where around 40 amateur winemakers use the finest grapes to produce around 50 different wines apprec  more

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