• Treasure Chamber
  • Hilti Art Foundation
  • The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery
    The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery
  • Funkensonntag
    Lebendiges Brauchtum
  • Park-Hotel Sonnenhof Adlernest
    The Adlernest restaurant in the Park-Hotel Sonnenhof
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Culture & cuisine

Square kilometre for square kilometre you will not find a country with more cultural events and activities than Liechtenstein. Part of this cultural landscaoe is, of course, the culture of fine dining, From traditional delicacies to international haute cuisine, visitors to the country will find a wide variety of dishes to tickle their tastebuds.

The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts in Vaduz


From the history of Liechtenstein to ancient traditions and customs, the culture of the Walser people, stamp-collecting, the Rhine and the history of individual villages - wha  more

Vaduz Film Festival

Further cultural institutions

Music, theatre, film - Liechtenstein has everything. Here's an overview of what's going on. more

The traffic-free town centre

Vaduz - centre of culture

Within the space of just a few hundred metres, visitors to Vaduz will discover impressive modern and traditional architecture as well as fine works of art and fascinating muse  more

The Liechtenstein National Museum

Places of cultural interest

Liechtenstein's museums offer everything from national and natural history to fine arts and and architecture. Away from the capital Vaduz, visitors will also find interesting  more

Wine from Liechtenstein

Gastronomy & wine

Liechtenstein offers a wide range of restaurants with gourmet cuisine. The country is also home to several excellent small-scale vineyards - including the Prince of Liechtenst  more

Wals Fable Trail

Legends & fables

Liechtenstein has a long tradition of legends and fables, which were passed on from generation to generation before being written down in the middle of the 19th century. These  more

Driving away the winter on 'Funkensonntag'

Customs & traditions

While most customs and traditions in Liechtenstein are based on those of the Alemannic people native to the region, there are a number that are unique to the principality. Man  more

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