• Gouvernment building in Vaduz
    Das Regierungsgebäude
  • Parliament building in Vaduz
    Das Landtagsgebäude
  • Parliament building
    Das Landtagsgebäude
  • Government Vaduz
    Das Regierungsgebäude
  • Vaduz castle and government building
    Das Regierungsgebäude und das Schloss Vaduz
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The government district in Vaduz

The government district in Vaduz is centered around Peter-Kaiser-Platz square.

Peter-Kaiser-Platz square is home to the parliament building, the government offices and the state archives. The government building was constructed between 1903 and 1905 according to plans drawn by the Viennese architect Gustav Ritter von Neumannt.

The parliament building, fronted by an imposing square, was completed in 2008 and contains the plenary hall of the parliament, the secretariat, a range of offices for the different political parties represented in parliament as well as the state archives and its own library. The building was designed by the German architect Hansjörg Göritz. Built using over one million bricks, it is immediately recognisable as you enter Vaduz from the south. In 2010 it received the Brick Award.