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The TAK Theater Liechtenstein

At the St. Laurentius parish church, on the Reberastrasse road, lies the TAK Theater Liechtenstein, commonly known as the TaK. Productions were put on in this building as early as 1914 by the local youth club and members of the young women's association.

However, the building which is now home to the  TAK Theater Liechtenstein had fallen into disrepair by the time it was bought by Schaan municipal council in 1968. Just a couple of years later, in 1969-1970, a group of passionate amateur actors created a group known as Theater am Kirchplatz. With the support of private investors, the municipal council transformed the former clubhouse into a small-scale theatre, which launched its second season in October 1972.

Over the years the theatre's reputation has spread throughout the local region and beyond. Today, the  TAK Theater Liechtenstein attracts renowned solo performers, ensembles, orchestras and conductors famous the world over.


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Programme of the TAK Theater Liechtenstein (German only)

TAK Theater Liechtenstein
Reberastrasse 10
9494 Schaan
Tel. +423 237 59 69
Fax +423 237 59 61