• National holiday Liechtenstein
    Vaduz Castle on Liechtenstein's national holiday
  • The Princely Family
    The Princely Family on Liechtenstein's national holiday
  • National holiday Liechtenstein
    Fackelzug (Bild Eric Gstöhl)
  • National holiday Liechtenstein
    The fair in the centre of Vaduz
  • National holiday Liechtenstein
  • Schloss Vaduz Staatsfeiertag
    Das grosse Feuerwerk am Staatsfeiertag
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Liechtenstein national holiday

Liechtenstein celebrates its national holiday on 15th August.

This national celebration was introduced in 1940 and is closely linked to the birthday of Prince Franz-Josef II on 16th August.

On this day thousands of locals and tourists attend a large fair held in the capital, Vaduz. The national holiday is officially opened with a ceremony held on the lawn in front of Vaduz Castle, during which the Prince and the president of the parliament make speeches. This is then followed by drinks in the castle gardens and, in the afternoon, the fair in the centre of Vaduz.

The celebrations come to an end in the evening with a spectacular firework display near Vaduz Castle.

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