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Fürstensteig / Drei Schwestern Trail

The "Drei-Schwestern-Weg" ("Three Sisters" track) and the Fürstensteig can be referred to as the most classical mountain hike. This tour for sure-footed hikers, with safe tracks leading along steep, cliffy rocks, will surely be remembered forever.

The Fürstensteig and Three Sisters tracks opened in 1898 and are considered to be venturous and fantastically laid out trails. They are connected by a beautiful trail with breathtaking views, leading along mountain ridges. The ‘Kuhgrat’ ridge (2’123 m), the highest point of this varied mountain hike, offers spectacular views of the ‚Rätikon’ and the Swiss and Vorarlberg (Austria) mountains. Also, the views down onto the villages situated along the Rhine to Lake Constance, as well as the magnificent rubble flora are an unforgettable experience.

Tip: Board and lodging possibilities at the Gafadura cabin of the Liechtenstein Alpine Association (open mid May until mid October).


12,4 km

Hiking time
Gaflei–Planken: 5 hours

Vertical metres covered
Ascent: 847 m
Descent: 1560 m

 Fürstensteig / Drei Schwestern Trail (2.35 MB)

Technical: hard
Fitness: hard
Hikers must be free from giddiness


Alternative A: It is possible to bypass the Fürstensteig path on easier trails (via Bärgällasattel). Alternative B: Possibility to bypass the Three Sisters track on easier trails (via Alp Garsella/Garsella Eck).

Parking available in Gaflei. Alternatively take the bus from the post office in Vaduz to Gaflei. Travelling back by bus from the bus stop at "Hotel Saroja" Planken.

It is also possible to do this tour in reverse direction. This alternative is especially recommended for people which have difficulties with walking downwards.
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