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  • Castle Vaduz
    Vaduz Castle
  • Grüschaweg Trail
    The Grüschaweg Trail in autumn
  • Church Triesenberg
  • Grüschaweg
    The Grüschaweg Trail near Triesenberg
  • Grüschaweg
    Mist over the valley floor
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Grüschaweg Trail

Leaving from the capital Vaduz, the romantic Grüschaweg Trail leads through the Princely Forest up to the high-altitude village of Triesenberg before passing through the hamlet of Rotaboda on its way back to Vaduz.

In Vaduz hikers can enjoy the calm atmosphere of the pedestrianised zone full of shops and restaurants before beginning the walk. This starts on a narrow path which winds its way up the steep forested slope to a small observation platform offering fabulous views of Vaduz and its environs. This path ('Schlossstrasse') continues as far as Vaduz Castle, which thrones high above Vaduz on a rocky outcrop. The Castle is the residence of the Princely Family.

Leaving Vaduz Castle behind, the path enters the tranquil Princely Forest, where the Grüschaweg Trail meanders slowly up the slope to the mountain village of Triesenberg. A house in the centre of the village, over 400 years old, has been transformed into the 'Wohnmuseum' ('Museum of Living'), while the refurbished Walser Museum tells the story of the lives of the ancient Walser population.

From the village centre the path continues for some time along the Wals Fable Trail, which evokes the sagas, legends and history of the Walser community in Liechtenstein. Hikers will encounter bizarre figures here such as the 'Doggi' (a mythical being which comes to make mischief in the night), the 'Wildmannli' ('Wild Man') or the 'Feuerroten Geissbock' ('Fire Red Billy Goat'), and will discover who the 'Night People' were. Information boards placed at regular intervals along the route relate stories from the huge wealth of sagas and provide local knowledge about the mountain community. Via the hamlet of Rotaboda the signposted descent then leads via Frommenhaus to Vaduz Castle and back to the Market Square in Vaduz.



Hiking time
Vaduz–Vaduz: 3 h 30 min

Vertical metres covered
Vaduz–Vaduz: 550m

Difficulty level
Technical: easy
Fitness: medium

Helpful hints
Stops can be made in Triesenberg and Vaduz. Hikers can also visit the Walser Museum in Triesenberg en route.

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